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Winding Up by Catrina Vignando 13 December 2011

It is an understatement to say that the past couple of months have been frantic. As many of you will now be aware, Craft Australia has been defunded by the Visual Arts Board (VAB) of the Australia Council for the Arts.

Review Committee letter by Catrina Vignando 8 November 2011

Craft Australia is concerned that the decision by the Visual Arts Board (VAB) was made without proper consultation either with Craft Australia or the craft and design sector. Craft Australia is therefore seeking a formal review of this decision. This letter outlines Craft Australia's grounds for consideration in the review process.

Supporting craft research by Catrina Vignando 14 September 2011

For 40 years, Craft Australia has promoted the craft and design sector through significant periodicals and publications. The development of the craft + design enquiry journal continues this tradition and draws attention to the increasing academic research undertaken in the field of craft and design. The craft + design enquiry journal is an ERA listed journal. To date Craft Australia has published 3 issues of the craft + design enquiry journal. This month sees the launch of Volume 3, Sustainability in Craft and Design, edited by Kevin Murray.

Sustainability for woodwork and furniture: adjusting and growing by Catrina Vignando 21 February 2011

February's newsletter looks at timber usage for furniture and object design. The articles and interviews cover issues in adjusting to changes in market demand and growing local markets, core skills in woodwork, benefits from mentoring programs in transforming the creative process as well as key issues for sustainable timber usage.

The chameleon of glass - fragility, strength and sustainability by Catrina Vignando 21 January 2011

Welcome to 2011, 40 years since Craft Australia's establishment in 1971. Our focus for 2011 will be on sustainability and the future of the craft and design sectors. This edition of ca enews celebrates the international prominance of Australian glass artists and examines some of the issues being considered by them as they explore scale and intimacy, functional, sculptural and installation based works, traditional and innovative techniques, complex copyright, the 'Post Glass' video festival and the potential for glass to bend light, magnify or distort an image.

2010 Looking back and looking forward by Catrina Vignando 17 December 2010

This year we have celebrated the prominent craftspeople, designers and writers and how they challenged and extended crafts in Australia from the 1970s until today. Next year we look at sustainability in all its incantations and its implications across the fields of practice that make up the Australian craft sector. We look forward to our active engagement with the Australian Design Alliance, launched in the Utzon Room at the Sydney Opera House on 3 September 2010.

Celebrating craft and design landmarks by Catrina Vignando 24 November 2010

Celebrating leading practice is the theme for this November issue of CA enews. We feature a range of exhibitions from around the country that demonstrate the sophistication Australian craft and design as part of the Craft Australia's continuing focus on the 40 year celebrations of the sector.

The craft and design connection by Catrina Vignando 21 October 2010

This months' issue of CA enews focuses specifically on design and its application to craft with articles by Professor Tony Fry who looks at how to design the future of craft practice, Rohan Nicols gives a personal account of designing a successful creative business based in regional Australia and delivering to the world, Sarah Evans writes on the marketing of craft and we republish the State of Design opening speech presented by this year's Artistic Director Lou Weis.

Developments in craft and design by Catrina Vignando 20 September 2010

In this issue we present the fifth, medium based, focus issue for the 40 year celebrations featuring ceramics practice and a breakthough in the craft and design sector with the launch of the Australian design Alliance [AdA]

Budgies and redheads; a (non) political overview by Catrina Vignando 19 August 2010

We are several days out from the 2010 federal election and Craft Australia is in the final throws of getting the August issue of CA enews launched into the ether. As the last words are being written, the final votes will be cast. To help you make your decisions at the polling booth this weekend Craft Australia includes pre election coverage in this month ´s enews, we also include a press release by ArtsPeak on what the peak arts bodies of this country have recommended as a way forward for the benefit of our cultural good, we celebrate the launch of volume 2 of craft + design enquiry, bring you Professor Ted Snells´ introduction to the recently launched Visual Arts and Craft Evaluation report, and feature two key articles that position the developments and contributions of contemporary Autralian craft and design practice incorporating digital technologies.

Loose threads and woven stories by Catrina Vignando 13 July 2010

This month we celebrate the 40 year anniversary of the Australian Studio Craft Movement by focusing this issue on textile practice. We platform the contributions of this sector by featuring some very exciting articles that have a national and international focus. At the core of all the articles is the solid position of Australian textile craft and design practice.

Celebrating our Stories by Catrina Vignando 16 June 2010

In this June issue of CA enews we look specifically at the generosity of spirit and social engagement through philanthropy; focusing on Models of Giving. This patronage has developed collections, encouraged collecting, and promoted collectors. We also look at the way that artists are supporting the philanthropic sector through their personal artistic donations and collaborations.

Picking Gems, editorial by Catrina Vignando 14 May 2010

In the May issue of ca enews we focus on Australian contemporary jewellery and the recent Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group of Australia, JMGA, conference held in Perth. We headline this issue with the 40 year commissioned article written by renowned artist, writer, teacher and provocateur, Margaret West. We also feature the key note address Good Design: Designing for Tomorrow by Professor Ted Snell presented at the JMGA conference.

Advocating craft and design 40 years by Catrina Vignando 15 April 2010

This year Craft Australia celebrates 40 years of the Australian studio craft movement and this month we focus on the field of studio glass. With articles about two exciting glass exhibitions Tour de Force, curated by Megan Bottari and Mind and Matter curated by Margot Osborne. In this issue you will also find articles on collecting glass by Andy Plummer, the co-founder of the Ranamok Glass Prize; a look at the Canberra Glassworks celebrating its third birthday and the Australian National University´s glass workshop as a centre for excellence in glass training illustrated by the recent achievements of graduates from the workshop.

Celebrating the future by Catrina Vignando 16 February 2010

In this February 2010 issue of CA enews we celebrate the start of our 40 year anniversary celebrations with an issue focussing on the past, present and future of Australian studio furniture.

Wrapping up another successful year 2009 by Catrina Vignando 10 December 2009

An overview of Craft Australia's activities in advocacy, promotion and research for the Australian contemporary craft and design sector in 2009.

Craft and Design for the 2020 Cultural Policy by Catrina Vignando 12 November 2009

In the November 2009 issue of 716 craft design Catrina Vignando looks at the role of contemporary craft and design in the framework of an arts and cultural policy for 2020.

right way update by Merryn Gates 7 October 2009

One month into the 'right way' forum co-ordinator Merryn Gates reviews the progress and conversations emerging from the online community discussing the future of Indigenous craft and design.

Doing it the right way by Merryn Gates 7 September 2009

In this September 2009 issue of 716 craft design we focus on Craft Australia's online forum about the future of Indigenous craft and design 'right way'.

Craft and design futures by Catrina Vignando 4 August 2009

In this month's editorial Catrina Vignando looks at past and future design festivals and the dialogue and directions emerging from these sector events.

State of design by Catrina Vignando 2 July 2009

In this July 2009 issue of 716 craft design we bring you information about key activities that are addressing the issue of design's role in our current economic and social environment. Leading this conversation is the State of Design festival held in Melbourne from 15 - 25 July.

Designs on new markets by Catrina Vignando 4 June 2009

In May 2009 Craft Australia's General Manager scoped the most renowned design fair in the world the Milan furniture fair to see how the event may provide new opportunities for Australian object designers. Closer to home Craft ACT opened a new retail outlet and in Western Australia, Form is establishing the Atelier Midlands with studios, gallery and retail facilities.

Craft leading by design by Catrina Vignando 5 May 2009

Craft Australia and the network of Australian Craft and Design Centres, ACDC, have long been advocating the value of design to achieve increased sustainability in the sector.

New orbit for Craft Australia website by Catrina Vignando 4 April 2009

In 2008 Craft Australia undertook a major redevelopment of the Craft Australia website. Managed by Avi Amesbury, the Craft Australia Communications Manager, we are proud to begin 2009 with the new site and to launch a new direction for the advocacy and promotion of Australian contemporary craft and design through this development.

Kicking off the year by Catrina Vignando 3 April 2009

Change is the natural order of things. It is part of the cycle of growth and evolution; so too the changes that have been happening at Craft Australia.

Endings and beginnings by Catrina Vignando 12 December 2008

As another great year draws to an end we reflect on the tremendous achievements in the field of Australian craft and design. We bring you some highlights to savour and in particular the changes and developments undertaken here at Craft Australia.

Craft Australia history by Catrina Vignando 25 November 2008

Craft Australia has been championing Australian contemporary craft and design practice since 1971. Over this time Craft Australia has responded to changes in the field and implemented key strategies to advance the sector.

Yes we can! 2008 in review by Catrina Vignando 28 October 2008

Craft Australia has actively and successfully advocated on issues of relevance. The General Manager gives an overview of the advocacy undertaken in 2008 by Craft Australia for the growth and sustainability of the sector.

The arts and innovation by Catrina Vignando 24 September 2008

It is the inherent attraction to innovation by creatives in the craft and design area that has seen Craft Australia focus considerable energy in a submission to the Government's review of the national innovation system. The General Manager highlights the months activities.

Where to now? by Catrina Vignando 26 August 2008

In September Craft Australia highlights the achievements of the International Craft Initiative and the benefits this program has brought to the sector by enhancing international audiences for Australian contemporary craft and design.

Pathways to sustainability by Catrina Vignando 27 July 2008

This month we focus on the vital contribution mentorships play in exchanging skills, experience and knowledge within the craft and design sector. Mentorships are an established way for makers to gain practical skills to develop their practice and a range of mentorships have been initiated to support professional development within the sector.

Australia by design by Catrina Vignando 27 June 2008

June has been a busy month with Australian design featuring high on both the national and international arenas. There is much to enjoy about the prospects these developments bring to the Australian craft and design sector.