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About the Craft Australia Research Centre
5 October 2010
The Research Centre has been developed by Craft Australia as a way to bring together and advance high quality research undertaken by the craft and design sector.

Through a range of initiatives the Centre aims to support research that:
Investigates the contribution contemporary craft and design makes to society;
Establishes a dialogue between practice and cultural, social and environmental concerns; and
Interrogates and expands the recognition of Australian craft and design;

The Research Centre has developed an e-journal, craft + design enquiry, as a forum to promote and disseminate the research excellence generated by the sector. The Centre calls for research papers on specific themes and research areas. The papers are peer-reviewed by an international panel of reviewers and published online in craft + design enquiry.

The Research Centre provides links to research reports published by the sector and relevant to the sustainability of Australian craft and design appraising growth and trends in the sector. The research presented on the website is used to advocate on behalf of the sector and influence policy to achieve sustainability through practice and industry.